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Why Do Pretty Girls CRY?

The first thing I want to do immediately is to give you a
CONCRETE, STEP BY STEP PLAN that you can immediately use to go out right now and start meeting more women.

Now, most guys have it all wrong when it comes to meeting women.. Let me clear up the confusion with 2 “Wisdom Nuggets”:

how many women they need to SEE and MEET in order
to develop their approach skills. And it doesn’t
matter if your goal is to find that one perfect
woman. In order to meet her when you finally
have a chance, you need good approach skills.

WISDOM NUGGET #2: If you’re not SEEING women (if
they don’t come into your field of vision), then
you’re not MEETING women. So this is a critical
first step. The more women you see, the more
opportunities you’ll have to develop and refine
your approach skills, get dates, etc.

The first step to seeing and meeting more women is
going where there are plenty of them. Duh.

So I’m going to give you 3 of my favorite places
to meet women:


Ah, shopping malls. Such a terrible place to meet
women. I mean, look around, there’s only like 9
or 10 women for every 1 man walking around the
place. Lol …

Yes, there are tons of hot women working AND
shopping there.

Women flock to shopping malls like plastic
surgeons flock to Michael Jackson’s mansion.


The idea with restaurants is that if you’re going
to eat out you might as well do it in a “Target
Rich Environment” (a place with lots of women).
You can turn just your average lunch into an
opportunity to walk home with several numbers of
interesting females. กลุมลับ

And if you look around you will start to find many
restaurants in your area that consistently have
quite a few women eating (and working) there.

Larger restaurants obviously have more people and
so more women than smaller ones, so eat there.

And when you’re being seated by the hostess, see
if she can seat you in a place where you can have
a good view of the female traffic going in and
out, so when a woman that interests you enters
you’ll have easy access to do your approach.

So far nothing new, right? Pretty common sense.

Well here’s something I bet you don’t normally do:

Find a restaurant where there’s a lot of walking
traffic RIGHT OUTSIDE. Grab a table where you
can see all these people walking by. If there’s a
patio, that’s perfect.

When you see a hottie walk by, leave your food and
approach her.

This is quite a ROMANTIC move, because you can

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