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Types Of Electric Gate

In this day and age where driveway hijacking is common, many people resort to electric gates as a safety precaution. An electric gate allows you to open the entrance to your driveway without having to leave the safety of your car. It is often coupled with an electric garage so that you can potentially get into your house without getting out of your car until everything is closed. This electrified system is a very easy and not overly expensive safety precaution to install which has led to there being a variety of different gates available for installation. Side gate Dublin

The articulated electric gate looks like a series of small gates hinged together. When the motor is activated, the gate is pulled back along rails and folds up into itself. This is an ideal type of electric gate for using in small spaces where you are unable to allow the gate to slide into the garden or the outside of the property.

Sliding This is the most commonly seen form of electric gate. When the motor is activated, it pulls the gate horizontally along rails until the opening is completely clear. These are often seen in business parks and homes with wide driveways or very steep driveways that do not allow any lateral movement of a gate.

This is sort of a combination of the articulated and sliding gates. The gate is on hinges but does not fold. The gate motor will cause the gate to swing either outwards or inwards depending on how it is set up and what space is available for the gate to move into. You do need to take care to stop your car far enough away from the gate to avoid being hit by it as it opens though. This fact makes this type of gate a lot less common than the sliding gate and articulated type of electric gate.

It is also possible to have an intercom installed near your gate. This will allow visitors to contact whoever is in the house before the gate is opened. This is an added security measure which aids in screening visitors so that not just anyone is able to enter the property.

The gate can also be set on a timer or it could require a second activation of the gate motor to close it. This depends entirely on what you prefer. It might be a bit too easy to forget to close the gate with the second option though, so, as an added security measure, it may be better to opt for the automatically closing gate.

There are many other gadgets that can be put onto an electric gate to increase the ease of use and security it can provide. Take the time to decide what kind of gate you want to have installed and what additional things you would like to put onto it. Make sure that you get a professional, experienced person to do the installation for you so that you can be sure everything works as it should and you have a guarantee on the work and equipment.


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