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Tips for Choosing a Poker Starting Card


In the Texas hold’em game is good at choosing what starting cards to play, this is to avoid the losses we experience. Indeed, in the game of poker all cards have the possibility of winning, but from the calculation of the odds, there are several card choices that will win more often than other cards. If we choose a good starting card in the long run it will be more profitable.

Choose the starting card that will be played

The selection of a good / strong card is divided into several groups. In the first group, it contains cards that have the highest / highest value and also those that have the same interest (suited). Included in this first group are AA, KK, QQ, AK (suited), when you start playing with this starting card, your chances of winning will be quite large. This card is also called premium hands.

In the second group there are cards that are quite good even though they are not as good as in the first group. The cards in this second group are AK, AQ (suited), AJ (suited), KQ (suited) JJ, TT. Indeed, the card above does not necessarily win, but when we start the game with premium hands it will be profitable in the long run and get more wins.

As time goes by and your experience increases, in the end you can also play a more varied starting card even though the card you get is not a high-value otakupoker card, for example a small card but with the possibility of a straight or a flush.

To choose the starting card that will be played, you must also pay attention to your position in the table. If you are in the early position then it is better to choose a premium hands card, if you are in the late position then you may try to play even though the card is not a premium hand group.

It should be noted that even though you have chosen a good card at the beginning of the game, it does not mean that you will win the round. You also need to look at the cards that come out on the flop, turn, river, your position on the table and what actions the other players are taking.


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