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Strengthen Your Brand Identity With Promotional Gifts

One of the best ways of attracting potential customers towards a particular organization might be through distributing giveaways. This can be a very unique method of informing and attracting customers towards the relevant product. Promotional gifts, such as umbrellas can be an extremely inexpensive yet effective method through which a company can promote its services and products. This type of marketing can impress and advertise simultaneously!

Printed umbrellas have become increasingly popular in the arena of marketing and advertising especially with relevance to brand promotion. They are being adopted by many companies to help out in their marketing strategy as they are both useful and durable. It is one of those items which can be used on a daily basis and can be useful to one and all.

Customized umbrellas are quite large. The canopy can provide plenty of printing space which can be extremely useful for the display of the name, logo and other information related to the organization. Also, these can be great attention grabbers and so they would successfully serve the purpose of creating some awareness about your brand and/or products.

Whenever your customers use these, they would be automatically reminded of your company. This will help direct plenty of attention towards your company, thereby helping to increase profits and sales. Also other people who catch glimpses of these would find out about your brand and products too.

These trendy and popular promotional gifts can be really great especially when it comes to the marketing of your products and your organization as a whole. They can immensely impress your customers and leave a fantastic impact on them. These items will also help build a strong and firm image about your organization and your brand. With such giveaways people can easily find out about your company product and services.

Once you have decided that you are going to give away this type of gift, you do not have to fret about finding and selecting the right product. You can easily carry out this selection process from the convenience of your home or office. The Internet is swarming with web stores which are looking to cater to all your advertising needs. Having an online provider can be very convenient as these providers usually have a wide array of gifts and products which you can view and order on the internet itself. This can save you lots of time.

Remember to entrust the job of producing your chosen promotional gift to a reputable and reliable supplier who will not compromise on quality and deadlines. Also make sure that the products that you give out are of a high quality so that your company’s image is not tarnished by low quality products.

A well documented independent study in 2004 has shown that customers are more likely to remember the names of companies who have advertised with promotional gifts. The study showed:

o High Recall; Customers will remember your organisation long after they’ve received the promotional product.
o Repeated Exposure; The company make a lasting impression because of the length of time the promotional item is kept. non bao hiem in logo
o Favourable Impression; Customers who receive promotional items come away with a measurably more favourable impression of the company resulting in an increased propensity to do business with you.

The study (conducted by LJ Market Research for the PPAI (Promotional Products International Association)) showed more than 75% of people surveyed were able to recall the advertisers name on promotional items received within a 12 month period. By contrast, just over 50% of people could recall a single newspaper advertisement from within the last week.

The study also found that recipients were most likely to hold on to items for longer if they were useful and / or attractive, thus providing longer and repeated exposure for the advertiser. Around 55% of recipients reported keeping their gifts for at least 1 year, and more than 25% of those who did not keep their gifts passed them on to other people providing pass along exposure for the advertiser.

Source: Promotional Products – Impact, Exposure and Influence

2. Increased sales driven by increased levels of goodwill

Because everyone loves to receive a gift there is little doubt that promotional gifts given to existing customers, new customers or potential customers increases good will and creates a favorable impression. In the study referred to above, 52% of people who received promotional gifts went on to do business with the company who sent the gift. Furthermore, nearly half of those who had not yet done business with the company said that they would be more likely to do business with them in the future.

3. Adapt at working across a plethora of environments

Promotional gifts are multi-faceted and are therefore adaptable to a whole range of circumstances and situations. The vast range of available products from the humble promotional pens and promotional mugs to high spec electronic items ensures that there is something to suit all manner of budgets. Moreover, the ability to choose themed product groups is an ever-increasing option e.g. golf, ladies, Christmas etc.

Promotional gifts can be great for increasing traffic at exhibitions and trade shows alike, arguably getting a better response rate compared to direct mail campaigns by increasing sales and referrals, promoting new products and services and gaining more traffic to your website. They can also be used internally within your company to reward employees, promote moral, commemorate achievements and enhance loyalty and productivity.

Summary: Promotional gifts…can you afford not to?

As a business investment using promotional gifts can reap many rewards and provide excellent returns. Brand building, increased exposure, creating a favorable impression with customers – all translate into increased sales and revenue. These benefits will not only make your company stronger in the short term – but can lead to longer sustained growth and success. After all, as the saying goes, success breeds success.


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